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Reduce your energy consumption by using mortar sliders

The hourly discrimination rate

After a decrease in the price of electricity after reaching historical highs in August 2018, the cost per kWh (kilowatt per hour) has risen considerably again, causing electricity bills to become more expensive by more than 10% since the previous year. , and up to 85% in the last 15 years. Because of this, more and more consumers are taking matters into their own hands to lower their electricity bill, investing if necessary in energy saving measures, or trying to change their tariff to find a more convenient one.

According to various consumer associations such as the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) or Facua (Consumers in Action), the hourly discrimination rate can help users save. What does it consist of? This rate type presents two prices for the kWh in one day, depending on the time slot. In this way, the day is divided into peak hours, the hours with the greatest demand for electricity and therefore the most expensive, and the off-peak hours, which are the hours that pass during the night and, therefore, are the most economical. . If part of the consumption is concentrated during this period, it is possible to achieve considerable savings on the electricity bill. Many marketers, such as HolaLuz, EDP or Endesa offer these rates. Through the following link you can obtain more information about it:

These rates can be easily contracted by phone or online. But if you prefer personalized treatment, you can go to one of the commercial offices of any marketing company, such as Endesa in Bilbao or Burgos. From there, the customer service of Endesa, Iberdrola or other companies in Burgos or Bilbao will be able to provide advice on which rates may be the most convenient. If you spend the entire day away from home, it is worth considering hiring a rate with time discrimination.

Energy savings with mortar slider

One of the reasons for higher energy consumption in a house is thermal bridges. These bridges are thermal leaks, small nooks or very small gaps, sometimes microscopic, through which air leaves and enters, causing the temperature generated inside a house to escape outside, or the temperature outside to enter the house. the property, forcing the heating or air conditioning system to work twice as hard to offer the desired temperature, and as a consequence, generating greater energy expenditure and a considerable increase in the bill.

For this reason, it is important to implement thermal insulation techniques that break these thermal bridges and prevent temperature leaks. There are several types and methods for insulation; one of them is the SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System).

This system is based on the application of an insulating mortar coating protected with insulating aggregate and mineral elements to the façade, which allows the disappearance of the so-called cold wall, reducing thermal conductivity by more than 50% than that of ordinary mortars. To ensure that this mortar will fulfill its function, it is necessary to use a mortar slider, since it applies an adjustable and uniform dosage, with a normal and double course with an intermediate chamber. Another advantage of sliders is the savings in mortar, recycling and labor. Do you want to know more about energy savings? We invite you to read this article so that you can reduce the amount of your energy bill.


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